The thing about growing really fast is there is a real danger of falling as quick as you came up. 400 million people use Facebook, but policy changes and a growing concern over privacy have everyone buzzing about a possible Facebook exodus later this month. I’d love to know in the comments section what you plan to do about your Facebook account; you may have already left the social networking giant.

Reports say that Facebook met to try and stem the tide of a possible Facebook exodus; but it could be an instance of too little, too late. Once the public at large becomes concerned about their private information it’s very hard to gain that trust back.

Search engine queries for “how do I delete my Facebook account” have doubled according to Google; and it doesn’t seem to be getting better. The Financial Times says that Facebook denies that there have been large numbers leaving the site, but it’s not likely that they would admit users leaving in droves just yet.

Whether or not the privacy issues are a viable concern remains to be seen; but it usually only takes a little internet buzz to get people talking and acting. As the date of May 31 approaches, the Facebook exodus date, the buzz will likely intensify.

The Federal Trade Commission is investigating Facebook’s privacy policy which even they [Facebook] admit is confusing and arduous. There is talk of trying to go back to a more simplified manner of user control; however, it isn’t clear whether this would stop a major Facebook exodus later this month.