Apparently, the Obama administration doesn’t think New York City needs to worry about terrorism. Despite the Big Apple being Target #1 for al Qaeda and related Islamic extremist groups, Homeland Security will be slashing funds to protect America’s largest city. Some $53 Million dollars will be cut from the $198 Million the Federal government provides. This amounts to a nearly 27% reduction, at a time when it seems all too clear that the terrorists have not given up on attacking New York City.

Funds to protect New York’s mass transit system are being reduced $42 million dollars and port security an additional $11 million dollars. Perhaps even more shocking is that the Obama administration has delayed, again for the second year in a row, a $30 Million dollar project to ring New York with monitors to detect nuclear and other ‘dirty’ radioactive materials. Also, a special unit of the U.S. Coast Guard, the Maritime Safety and Security Team, is being relocated from New York to Boston. These decisions leave New York City wide open for a potential attack.

The timing of all of this is perhaps even more curious. Just two weeks ago, a Pakistani-American, Faisal Shahzad, was arrested in connection to a bombing attempt in Times Square. As that investigation continues to unfold, early speculation that he may have been a ‘lone wolf’ are falling to the wayside as possible accomplices have been arrested in Pakistan, and two more men today in Boston. The situation is looking more like that Shahzad may have been part of a terror cell.

Recent polls show that Obama’s handling of the terrorism issue is at an all time low. Barely 25%, the ‘Faithful’, still approve of the President’s ability to manage the War on Terrorism. 73% think Obama has dropped the ball, yet again. News of the budget reductions for New York City even have some Obama supporters upset. Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) and Mayor Michael Bloomberg have issued statements against this decision. If the decision stands, New York City will be more vulnerable to terrorist attacks, especially of the nuclear type.