Hillary Clinton still has about $771,000 in campaign debt she needs to pay off; Bill Clinton thinks he knows how to get it done. Bill Clinton, lottery prize is what the former President has come up with. Honestly you couldn’t make this stuff up if you sat down and tried. An email was sent to those who supported Hillary in the last Presidential Primary Campaign season asking for a $3 dollar donation for the chance to “spend the day” with Bill.

Clinton Karlspreis

Clinton put it this way in the email, “How would you like the chance to come up to New York and spend the day with me?” There are just so many ways you could go with that, but I digress. Even though the Clinton’s have amassed great wealth since leaving office, they still feel that public donations should be garnered to pay off Hillary’s debt.

Let me ask Bill a straightforward question. Given what happened with Lewinsky, Jones, Flowers, and well, probably many more, was it really the brightest thing in the world to offer up Bill Clinton lottery prize at $3 bucks a pop?

Now I know there are plenty of men out there willing to lay down the $3 dollars it takes to qualify for the Bill Clinton lottery prize. Imagine the wisdom gleaned in just one sit down with the former President; especially if he were completely uninhibited. Women on the other hand might have a different view of plopping down hard earned cash to win time with the once philandering head of the free world.

Debt can make you do strange things, or allow strange things from Hillary’s perspective. I’m sure she’d like to be rid of the almost $800,000 in Hillary debt even if it means Bill Clinton lottery prize takes the credit. Will these two ever go away?