He’s no Comedy Central. Lars Vilks, a Swedish Cartoonist who drew Muhammad and was attacked Tuesday by Muslims during a talk at Uppsala University about free speech, is going to keep talking. If he’s invited.

But will Uppsala University, Sweden’s oldest and most prestigious institute of higher learning, have the courage to stand against brutality and violence and invite Vilks back?

Uppsala University officials say probably not.

“It’s nothing that we’re discussing right now, but it’s not very likely given how it turned out here,” university spokeswoman Anneli Vaara said.

In other words, free speech is only precious when it’s easy. But fight for it? Nah.

The 53-year-old artist has faced numerous threats over his 2007 sketch of Muhammad with a dog’s body. Earlier this year U.S. investigators said he was the target of an alleged murder plot involving Colleen LaRose, an American woman who dubbed herself “Jihad Jane,” and who now faces life in prison. She has pleaded not guilty.

He also had his website hacked recently, the blog gone and replaced with links to information about Muhammad.

On Tuesday, Vilks was giving a lecture at the university about the limits of artistic freedom. While showing an Iranian artist’s film about Islam and homosexuality, a man in the front row leaped up and tried to attack Vilks, yelling “Allahu Akbar”. The scuffle between the artist, the attacker and the police stopping the attack, broke Vilks’ glasses.

“This was the first time I’ve experienced a physical assault,” Vilks said. “It was a bit of a shock.”

He’s no stranger to threats. Beyond the “Jihad Jane” murder plot, Vilks has also been threatened by the Head of the extremist Islamic State in Iraq, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, who made a 31-minute audio statement in 2007 calling for his death.

Vilks has proven he’s not your Comedy Central type cartoonist, taking the threats without flinching and instead building a defense system in his home, creating booby-traps that will electrocute intruders, keeping an axe around “to chop down” anyone who attempts to climb through the windows, and getting a specially-trained guard dog he named “Muhammed“.

“If something happens, I know exactly what to do,” Vilks told The Associated Press.

During the speech, at least three were taken into custody by Uppsala police who were forced to use pepper spray and batons. Two officers reportedly sustained minor injuries. But the incident won’t stop Vilks from talking about free speech, even though his free speech has been quite costly.

“What you get is a mob deciding what can be discussed at the university,” Vilks told The Associated Press, adding he was ready to repeat the lecture if re-invited.

“I’m ready to go up again,” he said. “This must be carried through. You cannot allow it to be stopped.”

Helena Benauouda, the head of Sweden’s Muslim Council, refused to comment on the violence. And, at this point, Uppsala University is not making any plans to invite Lars Vilks back.