Despite their desire to see Karl Rove arrested, Code Pink will just have to keep trying. Rove’s book tour has turned into a regular fiasco thanks to the ladies in pink. But then again, there isn’t much that the radical left-wing, anti-war group touches that doesn’t turn into a debacle. Yes folks, Code Pink arrests Karl Rove, sort of.

At a book signing at a Borders in Sacramento, California, Karl Rove was once again confronted by those righters of wrong, those doers of good, those justice seeking, common everyday fighters of freedom….Code Pink?

Yes lefties around the world (especially here in the states) want Karl Rove arrested; Code Pink is determined to see that it happens. I suppose one day they may catch that war criminal Rove out somewhere without security (real cops) and then one of their citizens arrest attempts may be successful. But yesterday in California it was not to be.

A representative of Code Pink walked up to Rove and tried to place him under arrest. Karl Rove must have been laughing inside, no I think he may have been laughing outside as well, she was immediately arrested herself. The pinkies attempt wasn’t a complete waste, as often happens with liberal lunacy, they managed to capture the incident on video for the whole world to see. Check it out below.

As this brave soul was being escorted from the premises, the common Code Pink chant of “Karl Rove is a war criminal” can be heard. Is it just me or do the Code Pink ladies all sound the same? Maybe they go to chanting practice and hone that undeniable, shrill, anti-war mantra.

Keep trying ladies. Persistence pays off, most of the time. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll realize your dream of seeing Karl Rove arrested for war crimes; maybe even George Bush too. Until then all is not lost, Code Pink arrests Karl Rove……they arrest his heart with much love I’m sure.