It’s not often in today’s world you get to witness perfection. As a matter of fact, most would say perfection is unattainable. But in the confines of America’s Pastime, perfection is possible; the Oakland A’s Dallas Braden’s perfect game against Tampa Bay was just the 19th example of perfection we’ve seen.

27 up, 27 down, Dallas Braden set the D-Rays down in order for 9 straight innings to join an exclusive club that has but 19 members. Braden became the second youngest pitcher ever to hurl a perfect game, and the youngest since 1984. Only 26 years old, Braden told reporters after the game, “Pretty cool,” I guess there isn’t much else to say when you’ve attained perfection.

In an emotional moment after the game, Braden hugged his grandmother who raised him after his mother died when he was in high school. A perfect mother’s day present for someone who was thrown into the mother’s role by life’s unkindness.

Dallas Braden has been in the spotlight so to speak for his war of words with the New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez. Braden’s grandmother on Sunday told A-Rod to “stick it.” Can’t say I really blame her on that one. For the record, A-Rod acknowledged and tipped his hat to Dallas Braden’s perfect game.

Braden did go on to say that he hopes his career will be more than just one game; he’s managed just 18 wins so far in his short stint in the majors and plans for more. But there’s no doubt that Dallas Braden’s perfect game will be the highlight of a career not yet started.