SEIU’s executive board elected Mary Kay Henry to replace Andy Stern as union President on Saturday. Henry served as the union’s healthcare head and also becomes the first woman to hold the position of President for the labor union. Stern had served as President for 14 years before announcing his retirement last month.

Mary Kay Henry, SEIU’s new President said that she would create an innovation fund geared toward private sector organizing; she plans on setting aside $4 million dollars for that project. And as usual, SEIU plans on being highly involved in the 2010 elections by using funds to target gubernatorial races this fall.

Henry said that SEIU would single out “bad actors” as she put it, saying that the union isn’t going to allow governors to cut essential services in some states. The new labor President singled out Arizona’s governor Brewer who signed the new Arizona Immigration law.

SEIU and Andy Stern have come under fire from the right since Obama’s Presidency began, Stern has been the most frequent visitor to the White House and some feel that he and the union itself may have too much influence in policy decisions. Not only that, but they have questionable ties to other groups such as ACORN. Click on the link above to see more.

SEIU’s union thugs have been at the forefront of major public battles such as healthcare and immigration and that’s not likely to change with Mary Kay Henry as SEIU President. Andy Stern endorsed Henry and said that she would be the perfect person to continue leading the union.

Mary Kay Henry is SEIU’s first female President as well as one of the founding members of SEIU’s gay and lesbian caucus. She served as the head of its healthcare division as well as organizing director; Henry has been a member of SEIU for 30 years.