Mexico’s violent drug war continues as three headless bodies were found in Acapulco on Saturday. The State department has warned that Guerrero state could be dangerous, urging tourists and travelers to take precaution. The three Acapulco headless bodies were not the only gruesome find in Guerrero on Saturday; five other bodies were found in a car just north of the resort town. Acapulco violence has been increasing in recent months.

Officials say that all the bodies found appeared to have been tortured with multiple gunshot wounds; another report says that all the bodies found were Mexican. The Mexican government has tried to reassure tourists Acapulco violence is not on the same level as border towns and other areas. Tourist hot spots like Acapulco are huge for Mexico’s economy.

CNN reports that the Acapulco headless body count was five. They also released the name of three victims which you can see here. Acapulco is located in Guerrero state which is right in the middle of a major drug trafficking artery. Drug Cartel’s use the route to push cocaine from South America up to the United States.

Once a chosen destination for many, Acapulco and other resort towns in Mexico have been sullied by continued drug cartel violence; headless bodies and stray bullets are not what people sign up for when they decide to travel to our southern neighbor. Since 2006, almost 23,000 people have died in Mexico’s drug war. The Acapulco violence continues. The video below isn’t really relevant, but it is entertaining.