The governor of Arizona didn’t seem to find the President’s stand-up routine at the recent White House Correspondents Dinner all that funny. Jan Brewer to Obama: ‘No one in Arizona is laughing’. You can read more about it and see her video response below to the President below.

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Last week Barack Obama was a big hit at the White House Correspondents dinner. Some said he was funnier than comedian Jay Leno. He read his speech off his teleprompters with perfection. His speech was peppered with jokes that had been written by professional comedic writers. His fans applauded, but many were appalled at the President of the United States finding humor in tragedies and catastrophes and the suffering of the people he was elected to lead. Arizona’s governor was one of those people who didn’t find some of his jokes so funny. In fact, she has responded with a message to Obama. Her video message is clear concise and to the point, ‘No one in Arizona is laughing’. You can see the video below.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is tough. And right.

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Watch the video below of Jan Brewer’s message to Obama, ‘No one in Arizona is laughing’. Also, watch another video in with Greta Perry explains that the Gulf Oil spill isn’t funny either, in spite of Obama’s jokes about it.

Jan Brewer to Obama: ‘No One in Arizona is Laughing’ -Video