Julia Manihuari of Peru had giant breasts so large, she was bed-ridden for 6 months! After the birth of her 3rd son, Julia’s breasts grew and grew! Thanks to the help of a local news organization, she was moved by boat to a city with a hospital. Doctors determined that Manihuari is suffering from giagantomastia, believed to be caused by hormones during puberty or pregnancy.


Doctors had no choice but to perform an emergency breast reduction, removing 35 pound of flesh from her N-cup breasts. They feared that without surgery, her giant breasts may have crushed her lungs and killed her. After a six-hour operation, Julia now has 34B sized breasts. She told reporters afterwards, “Before the operation I couldn’t do anything, I just had to live with it. It got so bad that my breasts were touching my legs.” Mrs. Manihuari is expected to make a full recovery and lead a happy, normal life.