“Machete” and Barack Obama had special messages for the State of Arizona on Cinco de Mayo. A new trailer for the upcoming action film to be released in September singles out Arizona over it’s immigration law, SB 1070. Produced by Robert Rodriguez, the film’s new trailer begins with star Danny Trejo as “Machete” telling Arizona he has a special message for them. The movie’s plot deals with Machete being hired to assassinate a U.S. senator, played by Robert DeNiro, who is trying to pass a tough anit-illegal immigration law. The cast also includes Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, Don Johnson and Steven Segal. Based on the plot, it should be a big hit with Joel Roger’s zombies at the Daily Kos, ACORN and SEIU.

Machete, a knife yielding killer, is double-crossed in the film. As it turns out, DeNiro’s character, presumably a senator from Texas, is actually behind his own assassination attempt. The purpose is to amp-up support for his new law to be passed, and get re-elected. Just the sort of conspiracy Daily Kos fans love! Especially since it’s being released by 20th Century Fox!

Needless to say, Machete does not take being double-crossed by DeNiro’s character well. So our hero-murderer rounds up a group of illegal immigrants to help him get even. The new trailer was released yesterday, on Cinco de Mayo, a holiday that celebrates the victory of the Mexican Army over the French at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. The French invaded Mexico after it’s president, Benito Juarez, decided to stop making interest payments on the debts owed to France. Too bad there was no IMF back then.

Also yesterday, President Barack Obama spoke at a the annual White House fiesta and challenged the Congress to reform immigration laws this year. Since the passage of Arizona’s law, SB 1070, Obama has made several statements against the law, which merely requires local police departments within Arizona to enforce Federal laws. The Far Left Media and Joel Rogers have drummed up large demonstrations against SB 1070 this past weekend, organizing unions and other Leftist groups to take to the streets. Claims that SB 1070 is racist are unfounded, as the new law only requires those whom police deal with during routine traffic violations or in connection with other crimes to provide documentation on citizenship.

Obama knows full well that illegal immigration is a hot-button issue. 70% of Arizona citizens support SB 1070 due to recent increases in violent crimes committed by illegal immigrants. Arizona has spent over $1 Billion dollars just the past year on illegal immigrants, money it does not have. The call by Obama for Congress to act is seen as a method for Democrats to secure Hispanic votes this fall and to placate the Joel Rogers Progressives, union and other Far Left activists, plus readers of the Daily Kos. That Obama and “Machete” used Cinco de Mayo to further their objectives is shameless!