So who are the winners of the hard-fought UK election in 2010? Stay with us on Thursday May 5th so we can all learn the results together. Right Pundits will provide access to a live-feed of the election returns and information about the UK exit polls when they are released. And we will not miss Gordon Brown’s concession speech!

UK election 2010

Polls across Britain close at 10pm local time in England, which is 5pm EDT in the United States. One hour earlier a major set of exit polls will be released which will give us a lot of clues about the voting. Around 1am local time (8pm EDT) the first two dozen races should be declared which will give us a clear picture of where things are heading.

The BBC will broadcast live so we’ll carry a live-feed of their election results coverage if it is streamed on the internet from that source or elsewhere. Expect the video feed to begin around the times polls close.

Watch Live Coverage: Watch Sky News TV in Great Britain here or click the window below.

Watch BBC Live Election Coverage

See election returns live: You can find the UK election results live, as they happen on the BBC site here.

Exit poll data:

10pm “first wave” exit poll data:
307 seats – Conservative Party
255 seats – Labour Party
59 seats – Liberal Democrat Party
29 seats – Other Parties

Exit poll results indicate a hung parliament with a strong conservative plurality. The 59 seat LD prediction is far under-performing pre-election polls so take this first data with a grain of salt. If correct the losses by the Labour Party will represent the biggest losses by any political party in Great Britain since 1931. They would have lost 94 seats while the Tories will have gained 97 seats.

UK Winners!:

First Return:
Houghton & Sunderland – Labour (Phillipson) wins by a landslide as expected, however the result indicates a swing from Labour to the Conservative Party of 8%.

Next two seats also go to Labour as expected, still showing a swing to conservatives from past elections.

2am updated seat count is 26-12-4-9 for Labour, Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, and Other parties. Conservatives have picked up two seats so far with over 600 districts still to report.

2.30am update: conservatives pick up 8 seats so far including a surprise in Wales.

3am update: conservatives have picked up 18 seats, labour loses 17 seats, and liberal dems surprisingly lose 1 seat. 180 out of 650 seats are counted already.

4am update: predictions seem inline. conservatives have picked up 32 seats with almost half of the seats declared. Looks they will be slightly over 300 seats in parliament as expected but without a clear majority.

8am update: conservatives pickup 88 seats, a plurality, but not enough for a majority. It’s a hung parliament. Labour loses 82 seats and the Liberal Democrats lose 6. There are still 52 seats uncounted.

There is only one set of exit polls this year and they will be released at 9pm local time, 4pm EDT, as mentioned earlier. This is a joint effort between Sky News, ITN, and the BBC. Update: the release of this data has been postponed one hour.

You can watch a live-blog of all the updates from Sky News here:

Pre-voting polls show quite a tight match between the conservative Tory party, Labour party, and the upstart Liberal Democrats. Just a few weeks ago David Cameron was expected to sweep the conservative party back into power with a resounding majority victory over Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s majority Labor government. But a graft scandal in parliament and the cabinet combined with a riveting debate performance by Liberal Democrat leader Nicholas Clegg shook up the race considerably.

Those recent polls lead us to expect the conservatives to win a plurality of the vote, with Labour and the Liberal Democrats about neck and neck in second place. We can also expect the conservatives to win the lion’s share of seats in parliament, but whether they can muster an outright majority is questionable.

The odds-makers are predicting that the conservative party will do even better than the mainly liberal pundits in the news media are expecting. The website has the conservative seats about 320, Labour seats at about 224, and Liberal Democrat seats at about 100. The odds are listed at about 50-50 that conservatives will win a clear majority. If not, Nicholas Clegg will wield enormous power since one side or the other will need his support to form a functioning government.

I’m not so sure it will be so close. Polls have consistently understated the Conservative Party’s support over a number of elections. As it is a compilation of the very latest election day polls show the three parties at 36-28-27%. Support for the Torys nudged upward overnight.

A live-blog of the election directly from Channel 4 in London can be followed here.

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The live video feed of the election results (assuming the stream is available) is in the link above. We will also add information about the UK exit polls as soon as they are released overseas. And we can all look forward to an historic moment, namely the video of Gordon Brown’s concession speech if the winners and losers fall into line as expected.