Congratulations to the winners of our April frequent commenter contest hereby awarded on Cinco de Mayo day. Read below to find out who are the recipients of the coveted RightPunditeer Award.

What is the RightPunditeer Award? As created by Joe Citizen, the award is the highest honor known in the blogging world. Only five people have won it in three years. In contrast, consider that our president won one Nobel Prize in two months, which is the equivalent of eighteen Nobel Prizes in three years.

In our attempt to lift public morale during the Obama recession, Right Pundits will be awarding the RightPunditeer Award more generously in the future, starting today. Congratulations to the winners of the big, medium, and small RightPunditeer Award for frequent comments in April. Writers and editors are excluded from consideration.

1st place Micky Super Tuesday Prediction Award Grand Prize for 573 comments!
Congratulations Micky!
2nd place Rhayader Super Tuesday Prediction Award Medium Prize for 252 comments!
Congratulations Rhayader!
3rd place Brian Super Tuesday Prediction Award Small Prize for 188 comments!
Congratulations Brian!
4th place Ginnie K - -
5th place Flying Monkey - -
6th place New Fangled Voice - -
7th place Klo - -
8th place Ron - -
9th place Marty McEntire - -
10th place LisaB - -

Although ineligible for a RightPunditeer Award, we must also give congratulations to our top commenting authors:

Beth Shaw 1st Best Author!
Andy Z 2nd Best Author!
Shannon 3rd Best Author!

In other news Right Pundits is planning to implement a registration-based login system for commenters. I have quite a distaste for them as a hit-and-run commenter myself, although the benefits from a website perspective are becoming compelling. One of the most compelling is spam-prevention. Our spam filter has caught 885,000 spam comments in the last three years. But thousands still get through to the consternation of our editors who have to deal with the problem. I also believe we will have more thoughtful comments, perhaps more engaged commenters, although we will probably have less.

Comments on requiring commenters to register on Right Pundits?