Closet environmentalist Vladimir Putin welcomed two Persian leopards from his buddy Mahmoud Amadinejad yesterday; the Iranians received two Siberian Tigers in return. The Russian Iranian leopard tiger exchange is a welcomed change from what the two countries have been trading in the past.

800px Panthera tigris altaica 13   Buffalo Zoo

Russia is hoping to start a breeding program to revive the Persian leopard population; Iranian zoologists will manage the leopards in Russia as will Russian zoologists do the same in Iran. I wonder if it’s anything like Russian weapons experts helping out Iran when they sell them a cache of Russian made weapons?

Iranian media is saying that the leopard tiger exchange is to help Iran re-establish a tiger population in the country. Iran received two Siberian Tigers including a pregnant Tigress expecting in a couple of months.

The leopard tiger exchange between Russia and Iran is harmless and needs no scrutiny. It is of course further evidence of the cozy nature of Russia and Iran’s relationship. Iran has sought nuclear capability for years and with the help of Russian technology (and Obama Administration ineptitude) may attain it.

One silver lining must be pointed out though, when Iran is nuclear weapons capable at least they’ll have a Siberian Tiger population; and once Russia has helped to arm one of the most dangerous regimes on the planet with nukes they can sit back and enjoy their Persian leopards.