An Islamic terrorist named Faisal Shahzad is the Time Square bomber according to media reports. He is Muslim of Pakistani heritage with dual citizenship in the United States, recently naturalized as a U.S. citizen under the Obama administration’s lenient open door policy. We have been unable to confirm earlier reports of his voter registration status as a Democrat.

Shahzad Faisal as identified by NBC News, or Faisal Shahzad as identified by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, is a U.S. citizen of Pakistani origin. He was arrested at JFK airport in New York trying to flee the country back to Pakistan via a connector flight to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on flight UAE 202. He was taken off the airplane sitting on the runway, promptly read his Miranda rights, and presumably went silent.

Obama’s policy of treating enemy combatants as common criminals has been much criticized outside of liberal intelligentsia. At least they got their man, but the free lawyers that us taxpayers are giving him will assure very little intelligence is gathered in this case.

The Obama Justice department has caused furor within law enforcement circles for being soft on terror. The method of apprehending this terrorist will simply increase the volume and scrutiny. The public asks why are terrorists getting arrested for criminal prosecution rather than detained and shipped to Guantanamo for military tribunals. Despite bad PR generated by liberal college professors and their allies, detaining terrorists in Guantanamo was one of the good ideas by the Bush Administration for U.S. security interests.

Faisal Shahzad was naturalized April 17th 2009, one of the early beneficiary of Obama’s liberal immigration policy that threw open the borders to treat all countries of origin alike. Two months later he was back in Pakistan, presumably meeting and plotting with terrorist allies there.

The slow motion war by Islamic fundamentalists marches on, unrecognized by the American political establishment, either through gross incompetence or pacification of radical voting groups for political expediency. Our leaders seem deaf and dumb to the threat against American interests and freedom.

Faisal Shahzad is a typical example if the charges are true, one of many who have attempted to cause terror among the populace, by lighting shoe bombs, underwear bombs, or blowing up cars in crowded urban centers. The current administration seems largely indifferent to the threat.

Faisal Shahzad had apparently been placed on the do-not-fly list earlier in the day, so a match was made against his passport when he tried to board an international airplane flight. This is a good win for the department of homeland security. We’ll leave the incompetence at preventing the attack for others to analyze.

Leads were easy in this case. A naive attempt was made to cover up the vehicle identification number on the Nissan Pathfinder loaded with explosives, by removing it from the inside door panel, but the number was left on the engine block. In addition, the purchase was made via CraigsList which left an electronic trail.

This is clearly a developing story for which more information will be forthcoming. We are still researching to understand if Faisal Shahzad was an Obama campaign donor. The Muslim community in the U.S. overwhelmingly supported the president’s 2008 election run. Stay tuned.