Well well well, someone from the Obama administration finally shows a pair. The dinnerjacket rambled on for 35 minutes railing against the United States and demanded that the Security Council be reformed. Here is just a taste for you:

In his 35-minute speech, Ahmadinejad called for the suspension of the United States from the IAEA Board of Governors on grounds that it dropped atomic bombs on Japan in World War II and used depleted-uranium shells in the Iraq war. In addition, he demanded “reform” of the 15-member U.N. Security Council, saying its structure was “extremely unfair and inefficient and mainly serves the interests of the nuclear weapons states.”

Hey, how about that, Iran wants us off the IAEA Board because we used atomic bombs 70 years ago after we were attacked in such a cowardly manner. I’ll go you one better A-jad, why don’t we just drop the United States from the entire sham known as the United Nations. We’ll just let you support yourselves and withdraw all of our funding, for once I think the dinnerjacket and I agree on something.

I wish he would have addressed his country’s role as the new delegation for women’s rights. I’m sure Iran is chomping at the bit to start a new era of women’s rights, starting with the stoning of Hillary Clinton.

Of course we know this is all for show. The Security Council is working towards a sanctions resolution against Iran right now, but Russia and China have already rejected the keys to the whole thing which would restrict Iran’s access to financial markets. So anything that is eventually passed will be symbolic only. Like many of Obama’s other promises, his promise to stop Iran from becoming nuclear has come with an expiration date.

As John Bolton notes, the only real question now is whether Israel is going to go it alone to pre-empt Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

There is no possibility the Obama administration will use force, despite its confused and ever-changing formulation about the military option always being “on the table.” That leaves Israel, which the administration is implicitly threatening not to resupply with airplanes and weapons lost in attacking Iran—thereby rendering Israel vulnerable to potential retaliation from Hezbollah and Hamas.

It is hard to conclude anything except that the Obama administration is resigned to Iran possessing nuclear weapons. While U.S. policy makers will not welcome that outcome, they certainly hope as a corollary that Iran can be contained and deterred. Since they have ruled out the only immediate alternative, military force, they are doubtless now busy preparing to make lemonade out of this pile of lemons.

Obama’s unwillingness to act will force Israel’s hand and that will have more dire consequences then imposing real sanctions or limited military action by the United States. They could literally drag the entire region into an armed conflict. Don’t you just love “smart diplomacy”?