Usually when a congressman is found guilty of bribery, racketeering, and other corruption charges, he/she ends up in prison. James Traficant, Congressman from Ohio (formerly) is doing his best to reverse that. After spending seven years locked up for said charges, the former congressman has filed to run for office again.

James Traficant

A self proclaimed lifelong Democrat, Traficant has filed and will run for Congress as an Independent. Traficant will run against Democrat Tim Ryan in the 17th district; Ryan defeated James when he attempted to run from federal prison. Not only is a convicted felon running for Congress, he’s running in two separate districts. He’s also facing off against Charlie Wilson in Ohio’s 6th district.

Along with corruption, James Traficant’s Congressional career is known mostly for his outlandish hairdo. He still claims that his conviction was not warranted and he’s looking to get even with the people who helped put him away; just the kind of guy we need in the U.S. Congress.

Traficant claims to still have much support in northeast Ohio where he served nine Congressional terms. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, but the way the 2010 elections are shaping up, even James Traficant may have a shot at knocking off a Democrat. Here’s a great question to leave you with. If James Traficant’s Congressional bid is successful, what happens if he wins both districts he’s running in? Just for the record, doesn’t it seem strange that you can’t vote if you’re a felon but you can still run for office?