Join us Tuesday, May 4th, 2010 for the open primary results in Ohio, North Carolina, and Indiana. These states Democrat and Republican primary winners will be decided as Right Pundits provides live updates periodically throughout the evening.

primary election results 2010

Of particular interest to us in the Senate primary winners from both parties. Here are the match-ups on both sides:

Indiana Primary
The secretary of state reports that interest is high in Indiana judging by absentee ballot requests, over 60% of which were requested on the GOP side. Dan Coats is favored in Indiana as recent polls suggest. He is leading a crowded field led by three viable candidates, any of which would be favored in the general election against any Democrat opponent. Other leading GOP candidates in the Indiana Senate race include State Senator Marlin Stutzman, former congressman John Hostettler.

On the Democrat side in Indiana, Brad Ellsworth will win the primary on Tuesday.

Ohio Primary
For the Democrat Senate primary in Ohio, Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher is running away from the field like a rocket ship. Once considered the frontrunner, Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner is now 20 points behind in the latest polls and is probably the loser already. However, 40% of voters say they have not made up their minds yet, which is a signal that few people are paying attention to the race in a GOP year.

The winner will face a tough contest against Republican Rob Portman who has put a remarkable team together for the campaign. Although polls show a close race against either Democrat opponent, we think Portman has the upper hand in a Republican year.

In the Ohio governor primary, the two front-runners are former Republican congressman John Kasich, a disciple of the Gingrich revolution in 1004, and current Democrat governor Ted Strickland. It is a foregone conclusion that they will face each other in the general election. Polls show that Strickland is slightly ahead within the margin of error.

North Carolina Primary
The Democrat primary race for Senate is very close between North Carolina Secretary of State Elaine Marshall and prior state Senator Cal Cunningham. Polls indicate that name recognition is very low for both candidates, which is a sign of poor fundraising and disinterest on the Democrat side. A community organizer named Ken Lewis is running a distant third.

The winner of the primary in North Carolina will face incumbent Republican Senator Richard Burr who is heavily favored to win a second term.