Yes, Glenn Beck did mention my article about Glenn vs. Joel Rogers on his radio show Friday! Stu even read some of it on the air. I applaud Glenn for diving into topics such as Rogers and the Progressive movement and the connections to Barack Obama. Joel Rogers, as I mentioned in a reply to a comment to the above article, is not really the “King of Progressives”. He’s more like their version of Grover Norquist. Rogers formulates a policy, organizes the machine (unions, progressive orgs, Media, etc.) and works to get the message out. Glenn has placed him in the Table of Organization to what he’s calling “Crime Inc.”. Beck is promising more programs and details on Crime Inc., and here’s a suggestion on where to shine the light of truth on next.

I keep mentioning the series of articles in 2008 by Evelyn Pringle, because she did what the Establishment Media should have done. Had the Media did 1% of the background research Pringle did, Obama would never have made it past the Iowa caucus. Journalism didn’t die in 2008 as Sean Hannity keeps saying, it died in 2007, if not even longer ago. It’s bad enough that the Media does not find it strange that Obama won 12 out of 13 Democrat caucuses, thanks largely to SEIU-ACORN, when he and Hillary split the primary states nearly evenly. No story on Crime Inc. would be complete without the tale of the Illinois Combine. Here is an extremely brief summary.

In 2002, Governor Rod Blagojevich (Blago) was already preparing to run for president in 2008. He began courting the big money players, George Soros, Goldman Sachs, etc., lining up commitments. About the same time, Blago arranged for a junior state senator to get the chairmanship of a powerful committee that oversaw health agencies and such in Illinois. Through this state senator, the panel that managed the budgets and projects was stacked with cronies of Blago. The objective was to tap into a $40 Billion dollar pension fund for teachers in Illinois. Projects, like additions to hospitals, would be doled out to companies who were part of the Illinois Combine, and would ‘pay-to-play’ with campaign contributions and jobs for politicians’ friends and relatives. I’ll give you one guess who that state senator was.

In 2003, when George W. Bush invaded Iraq, it just wasn’t Halliburton and Black Water getting big fat contracts. The Illinois Combine was lining up, too, for their fair share of Iraqi reconstruction cash. They needed a guy in Washington to help get the money flowing their way. I’ll give you one guess who got picked for that job.

The wheels started to come off the Illinois Combine, however, late in 2003. The administrator of one of those hospitals getting a construction grant through a bond from that pension fund, didn’t like being told by a panel member, who was a friend of Blago and appointed by that unnamed state senator, who they had to hire to do the construction. The Combine members involved were all in for a piece of millions of dollars in kick-backs, so they kept pushing the administrator so hard that she went and called the FBI.

The FBI and the Justice Department set up a sting, wiring the administrator for when she next met with that appointed panel member. Early in 2004, the panel member was arrested after the Feds had enough evidence. He, Stuart Levine, sang like a bird and the Feds launched Operation Board Games, led by none other than Patrick Fitzgerald of Scooter Libby fame. One by one, Board Games started busting up the Illinois Combine. After 27 straight convictions, they next arrested, and convicted another operator of the Combine, Antoin “Tony” Rezko. He was part of Blago’s inner circle and a very close friend and of that certain state senator, who went on to become a U.S. Senator. Yes, Barack Obama!

You might be asking whatever happened to Tony Rezko? He was convicted back in April, 2008 and was supposed to be sentenced not long after that, but never was. Well, Tony, like Combine Convict #1 Stuart Levine, started singing his head off and is being held in an ‘undisclosed location’. Believe me, and Evelyn Pringle, he’s got quite the story to tell. He knew all the players, including Saddam Hussein’s former Oil-for-Food money-launderer, Nadhmi Auchi.

Auchi got into a wee bit of trouble back in 2003 after convicted in the largest political corruption case in European history, the Elf Oil-Aquitaine case. Auchi got off easy, paying a small fine and promising never to break the law again. Fat chance of that! Auchi was a major player in the Illinois Combine through Rezko, and met Obama twice in 2004, seeking U.S. citizenship. Through Rezko, Auchi was one of the major investors in the Riverside Park scandal concerning a development of 62 acres of prime real estate near Chicago’s ‘Loop’. The development was bought in 2005 by General Mediterranean Holding SA (GMH), Auchi’s Luxemburg-based company. By the way, they’re trying to sell the whole thing off now if you’re interested!

As for Blago and his ambitions to run for president in 2008, that got derailed when more and more of his friends kept getting arrested by the FBI. So, the Combine needed a replacement. Guess who that was? Yes! Barack Obama was the back-up plan. A second-stringer off the bench, ready to carry the ball. This past Friday, a Federal judge denied a request from Blago’s attorneys to subpoena Obama for Blago’s upcoming trial. Imagine that!

The reach of the Combine is a long one. It has both Democrats and Republicans, domestic and foreign businessmen. But as far as Glenn Beck’s Crime Inc. is concerned, it, and Obama, are just part of the iceberg. They’re not even the tip, really. For that, one needs to look more carefully at the collusion between Washington, Wall Street and the global financial entities. I’ll leave that one for next time, but here’s a clue. Auchi’s company, GMH, owns the largest share of a French bank, BNP Paribas. You may have heard of them before as BNP was the bank handling the old U.N.-Iraqi Oil for Food program that became something of a scandal. They recently filed papers to get money $250 Million owed to them by Lehman Brothers. By the way, Lehman Brothers was a funding source for Tony Rezko. It’s a small world after all in Crime Inc.!