In a calculated political stunt for the Sunday morning talk shows, Rep. Luis Gutierrez was arrested along with a group of protesters outside the White House. Luis Gutierrez’s arrest won’t keep him from appearing on Face the Nation Sunday to slam Arizona’s new Immigration law.

477px Luis gutierrez

As the Democrat from Illinois was speaking to a group of May Day protesters in Lafayette Square, he decided to cross the street and join a group in front of Barack Obama’s house. He joined the group at the fence and sat down, waited on police to ask him to move which he refused to do. He was then arrested.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez warned that he and the group of about 35 protesters would not move unless either they were arrested or immigration reform was signed. The event was a carefully planned act of civil disobedience. Now Gutierrez will go on Face The Nation with Bob Schieffer to talk about his stance on immigration.

As the Congressman from Obama’s home state was led away in handcuffs to much fanfare, he wore a tee-shirt that said “Arrest me, not my friends.” Others wore shirts that read “Arrest me, not my family.” Rep. Luis Gutierrez’s arrest caps a volatile week in which the immigration issue was at the forefront.