Could President Obama be moving from the White House to the Dog House? If the breaking story from the National Enquirer is true, Obama may need the Secret Service to protect him from his wife, Michelle. The story alleges that Obama had an affair with Vera Baker, 35, who worked has financial director and fund raiser for Obama’s 2004 U.S. Senate race in Illinois. Baker founded Baker Wambu & Associates in 2000, which provided fund raising help for the Congressional Black Caucus. Baker who currently lives in Martinique and runs Cape Caribbean LLC, denies the allegation. The National Enquirer cites their source as the limo driver who drove Baker and Obama while in D.C. doing fund raising, and claim they have confirmation from others. There may also be a video tape floating around out there.

The alleged 2004 affair between Obama and Baker is actually an old story which has been around for two years, at least. Rumors have it that many organizations are offering a million dollars or more for hard evidence. What is new is that The National Enquirer, and The Globe as well, are going public with the allegations. Many discounted the Enquirer’s story about the affair between John Edwards and Reille Hunter. Needless to say, that one certainly moved from idle gossip to hard facts after some time.

According to The Enquirer, the limo driver claims that he picked up Obama at the airport and later drove both Obama and Baker around D.C. That evening, around 10:30pm, he dropped both off at the Hotel George. The limo driver added that he thought it was strange as he knew that Baker did not have a room there. He had picked her up earlier at the home of a friend of hers.

Now that it’s getting attention, I’m sure more details, and women, will be forthcoming. I won’t go into all of the allegations of Obama’s extra-marital affairs, but there are many, some which are very shocking, indeed! These stories have been circulating on the Internet since 2008. But this one may have, as they say, ‘legs’. The National Enquirer would not have gone public with allegations of an affair between President Obama and Vera Baker unless it could back it up.