Is it hypocrisy on display? Or is it simply a case of “It’s my idea so it’s a good one?” Despite the furor over an Arizona Immigration Law that would ask citizens to produce identification to prove their citizenship, these same Democrats are now pushing a National I.D. card for every worker in the country. The National I.D. cards would hold biometric information such as your fingerprint.

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Amazingly enough, the ACLU quickly jumped on the proposal saying it would violate civil liberties. For once the ACLU and I agree on something. The new National I.D. card would be a part of the “Believe System.” That stands for, Biometric Enrollment, Locally stored information, and Electronic Verification of Employment; what a mouthful.

The ACLU disagrees for once with the Democratic Party, saying that the new National I.D. card would essentially require every American to obtain a government permission slip to work. Talk about Gestapo tactics. Rhetoric from the left in the last several days has ranged from the absurd to criminal, comparing Arizona’s new law to Nazi police state procedures.

In an amazing show of hypocrisy, the left decries the state of Arizona demanding that citizens produce identification during the normal course of a lawful encounter with authorities but are perfectly fine with legal American citizens being required to have a National I.D. card just to hold a job. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Democrats idea of immigration reform.

Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) says that Americans are more comfortable with the idea of a National I.D. card. In this case, immigration reform would constitute imposing more draconian measures on legal, law abiding citizens. True immigration reform would only affect illegal aliens who have already or are in the process of breaking the law. Durbin said this:

“People understand that in this vulnerable world, we have to be able to present identification, we want it to be reliable, and I think that’s going to help us in this debate on immigration.”

Durbin’s right, people do understand it’s a vulnerable world and we should be ready to present identification. Exactly the point of Arizona’s Immigration Law that he disagrees with. I have a drivers license, birth certificate, social security card, credit cards, you name it; I’m ready to show it to prove I belong here. A biometric National I.D. card is not necessary for securing the country. It’s only necessary for securing more power for the democrats over the American people.