You’ve gotta feel sorry for Gillian Duffy. The British elections are coming very soon…She’s walking down the street, sees Prime Minister Gordon Brown walking down the street, and is asked to chat with him about problems facing the nation. She has a discussion with him on a variety of topics including his educational plans and the EU’s effect upon immigration onto the island from Eastern Europe. Upon returning home, she had thought that the discussion went well.

Meanwhile, Gordon Brown, following the chat, returned to his campaign car. Unfortunately, he had forgotten to remove the microphone that was intended to tape the interviews he conducted to show he was a man of the people. Soon thereafter, he berated his staff for scheduling the talk with Duffy, and referred to the grandmother as a bigot. Oops.

In an effort to mitigate the damage, he quickly scheduled a radio interview, which his staff decided to tape. The radio host got hold of the audio tape of the bigot comment and played it. The body language exhibited by the PM was reminiscent of a student caught cheating on a test. He first slid completely backwards with a stunned expression. He followed this, while the tape was playing, by hunching over and placing his hands over his face. Double Oops.

Meanwhile, a television interviewer had found Duffy upon returning home. The interviewer asked her how the chat with the PM had gone; Duffy thought it had gone well, she had had a chance to discuss the leader of her nation on a variety of topics of interest to her. She was then told that Brown had referred to her as a bigot. The look of stunned shock on her face was priceless, and my guess has been replayed many times on television across the pond. Triple Oops.

Never one to give up, Brown then determined that he would meet with the matron. He decided, as a last ditch effort, he would arrive at her home and apologize. He then planned to photo-op with her to show that there were no hard feelings. Unfortunately, after the apology, Duffy was not present with him, indicating that she was still upset. She later told the media that she had decided to not vote in the upcoming election. The ever-elusive Quad Oops.

Bye bye Gordon.