Once again art imitates life or politics infiltrates sports or something like that. By a twist of fate, the 2011 MLB All Star Game is scheduled to be played in Phoenix next July; an Arizona boycott of just about everything may actually change that. A New York congressman and others are calling on Bud Selig to move the All Star Game, boycotting Arizona for being a bunch of racist bigots.

We’ve written extensively here about the Arizona Immigration Law that has the left wing tied in knots. They’ve threatened to boycott Arizona extensively, up to and including Arizona Iced Tea which isn’t even made in the state. But baseball? Come on.

Sports in this country are supposed to be an escape from the everyday, the mundane, the stressful; a chance to relax and enjoy a little recreation. Either by taking part or watching pros get paid to do it. But now it’s just another platform for political debate and handwringing. Is nothing sacred?

Governor Jan Brewer signed a law and you’d think the world had ended. And now some New York Congressman wants to put pressure on the Commissioner of Baseball to move the All Star Game. Boycott the national pastime? Isn’t that somehow un-American? Now the left is trying to hold the All Star Game hostage until they get their way.

Back in the early nineties a similar fight took place in Arizona. A Martin Luther King holiday had been established by the legislature only to have a ballot initiative overturn it. Because Arizona refused to observe MLK day, the NFL pulled the Super Bowl in 1993. A few years later after Arizona had complied they were awarded the Super Bowl in 1996.

But this is different; this is about National Security, this is about state’s rights, this is about finally doing something about a major problem in this country. What will Selig and MLB do? My guess is they’ll cave. They’ll pull the All-Star Game, boycott Arizona in every way possible. That would be the PC thing to do. And as we’ve seen in recent years, pro sports are all about being politically correct.

Despite the fact that losing the All-Star Game would cost Arizona hundreds of millions of dollars, something more important is at stake; doing the right thing for their state and the country. Go ahead hostage takers of the All-Star Game, boycott until your heart’s content; Arizona’s got something more important on their mind.