BJ Clinton delivered a speech on Wednesday before a Washington fiscal summit where he elucidated his ‘solutions’ to America’s financial problems. He drove home his ideas in two different domains.

First, he addressed the issue of illegal immigration. He contended that our nation should embrace these individuals since they are necessary to safeguarding our economic future. His analysis is based on the premise that we are becoming older and that without illegal immigrants the nation won’t have an acceptable work force to fill jobs and finance the benefits that the rest of us will receive in retirement.

Really, BJ? The reason that non-elites should embrace illegals is that otherwise Wendy’s might have to charge more for a double? We have a 10% unemployment rate, and BJ is concerned about the ability to fill jobs? Clinton, whose bread was always buttered by Wall Street elites, never during his presidency understood the concerns of the middle class with this problem. When individuals or groups decried his free trade efforts, he always alluded to macroeconomic hopes. Well, we have tried free trade now for 20 years. All we have done is remove much of our manufacturing base to Mexico and other third world nations. Wait, that’s not fair; the additional promise of free trade was that it would also improve Mexico’s political stability. How’s that working out? The incessant drug war in Mexico continues to overheat to such a level that it has expanded into our Southwest, driving citizens in that region to react politically in response.

Clinton also stated that he believes that the SEC over-reached by going after Goldman-Sachs. He was apparently unconcerned with how the market manipulations they and other firms caused the overall economy. But I wonder if anything in his own familial situation could drive his response. Let’s see, his daughter Chelsea was one of the youngest individuals ever hired for her investment firm. She is currently (I think) engaged to Mark Mezvinsky, an investment banker. Clinton thus showed alacrity in using macroeconomics for the rest of us, but microeconomics for his own family. My guess is that neither his daughter nor future son in law will ever need to flip burgers to maintain their family’s future.

BJ made these remarks before a group of media and financial elites, always a ready audience for his ideas on transforming our nation’s middle class into one that serves at the pleasure of the wealthy. Few in his target audience have ever shown any empathy with the travails so many of the people feel…until there are layoffs at networks or Wall Street firms, then it’s a big news story where we should all feel sorry for them.