There was a Quincy Tea Party rally in Quincy, Illinois today and a swat team was called out on the Tea Party Patriots, in full riot gear no less! Read about it below and see a couple of related videos.


There was a Tea Party rally in Quincy, Illinois today. We are all familiar with the talking points of the Left regarding these middle-Americans who feel they’ve been Taxed Enough Already! The Tea Party is scorned, dismissed, derided, written off as a bunch of yahoos and assigned motives that are less than respectful. Even the president has scoffed at them and spoken of them with what would appear to be an arrogant contempt, even making fun of them – the very people he is supposed to be leading.

Now, Team Obama has called out a swat team in full riot gear to keep those pesky Tea Party patriots from violent protests. Yes, they seem so dangerous, those hard-working Americans who are parents, grandparents and members of the PTA.

The odd thing is that while the Obama administration and their spokespeople dismiss the Tea Party movement as irrelevant and ineffective, they seem to go out of their way to portray them as dangerous and to minimize and slander them with accusations of ‘racism’ and violence. Even to the point of saying that ‘n’ words and spit were slung out at Congressmen in Washington, without any evidence whatsoever that those things happened. I guess just getting the sound-bites out there is all they need to do regardless of the truth of the matter.

Then there is the discrepancy in the way the main stream media covers of the Tea Party Rallies. Thousands of protesters are described as ‘a handful’ or ‘maybe a couple of hundred’. Anything to keep people from knowing how many people are angry and what they are really angry about. Its a dangerous game to be playing with the facts. Ignoring and minimizing the concerns of the people only serve to make them more angry. After all, this is shaping up to be a summer of our discontent.

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So what do you think of the Presidential Community Organizer being so concerned about a community protest that he has a swat team called out on Tea Party Patriots, in full riot gear?? Overkill? A video from today’s protest and the swat team is below.

There are also a couple of other videos for you to enjoy. Greta Perry discusses the left’s attempts to ‘crash’ the Tea Party protests. Also, check out her latest video on the sad state of Little League in light of the Larry King, Shawn King Little League scandal. Travesty!

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