When they come or if they come or if they exist in order to desire coming, famed British scientist Stephen Hawking says prepare to be conquered. Aliens aren’t coming to be Facebook friends. They want our veggies and water and stuff.

In a new Discovery Channel television series exploring his work in aliens, time travel and the origin of the universe, Hawking speaks candidly about the havoc a group of nomadic extraterrestrial space travelers could have on our planet. They aren’t coming in peace, a prediction perfectly timed for the coming sequels of Independence Day 2 and 3, as well as Men in Black 3.

“Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonize whatever planets they could reach,” Hawking said. “If so, it makes sense for them to exploit each new planet for material to build more spaceships so they could move on. Who knows what the limits would be?”

Then we need to stop working on ideas to communicate with them. Be unfriendly. Aloof. Rude, even. If they reach out and contact us, let it go straight to voice mail.

Hawking said the aliens would most likely be on the prowl for vital materials after depleting their own natural resources, a cause screaming for the interference of Al Gore.

Hawking, a former professor at Cambridge University in England and author of “A Brief History of Time”, also says aliens could be capable of opening wormholes by harnessing solar energy and could thus travel anywhere in the universe, exactly like an episode of FarScape I saw once.

Stephen Colbert didn’t like the negative predictions from Steve Hawking and prefers to think about how alien domination would positively affect baseball. Video below.