Two Illinois state lawmakers, both Democrats, have asked Governor Pat Quinn and Mayor Richard Daley to do something about rising Chicago violence. National Guard troops are being requested by John Fritchey and LaShawn Ford who say something needs to be done to help the people of Chicago feel safe again.

In what he concedes is a drastic call to action, Fritchey said that he’s not looking for tanks to roll down the streets of Chicago, but what he is looking for is perhaps an increased presence especially in certain neighborhoods where crime is rampant. So far this year 113 people have lost their lives in Chicago violence; National Guard troops would help curb that say Ford and Fritchey.

The lawmakers pointed out that National Guard troops were being used in Afghanistan and Iraq to help with security matters there; so why not deploy them here where they are needed just as bad. The number of Chicago murders is the exact number of U.S. troops killed in both Afghanistan and Iraq combined.

Is it the right thing to do? Should the National Guard be used to help curb Chicago Violence? National Guard troops have also been requested by some on the U.S. Mexican border where violence has risen to unprecedented levels. I think if the situation warrants, why not send the National Guard in to calm things down in Chicago? Why let a bad situation grow worse?

Of course Governor Quinn has said he will not send the National Guard in unless Chicago Mayor Richard Daley requested troops. That seems unlikely to happen. Daley said that the Chicago violence National Guard solution would only be a temporary fix to a long term problem. Okay Mr. Mayor, then do nothing and maybe the problem will mysteriously fix itself; a likely response from a career politician.