As President Obama left Asheville, N.C. yesterday, Joseph Sean McVey was arrested by authorities at the Asheville Regional Airport. McVey was armed and is being charged officially with going armed to the terror of the public. McVey faces a maximum sentence of 120 days in jail; his next court appearance is scheduled for June 10.

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The President and First Lady were vacationing in Asheville over the weekend and Obama was set to depart on Sunday afternoon. After Air Force One had already taken off, police and airport security noticed Joseph Sean McVey talking on a radio headset. He was also carrying a firearm at his side. When they asked to see his I.D. the Ohio driver’s license he produced was not valid. He told the authorities that he heard Obama was in town and he wanted to see him. That’s when he was arrested.

According to the Secret Service and local authorities, Joseph Sean McVey was using scanner equipment to monitor local law enforcement radio frequencies. He parked his car near a gate as Air Force One was taxiing down the runway to leave. McVey also had rifle scope formulas in the cup holder of his Grand Prix. No word on whether or not McVey actually had a rifle or scope.

Joseph Sean McVey is 23 years old from Coshocton, Ohio. It is unclear why he wanted to see President Obama or exactly what his intentions were. McVey is being held on a $100,000 bond. Federal authorities want McVey kept in custody even if he were to post bond.