The evidence keeps piling up; the evidence that Harry Reid lives in a fantasy world that is. Speaking to a group of 75 Carson City Democrats, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Obamacare is the “most important thing we’ve done for the country and the world.” That’s a little presumptuous on his part don’t you think?

Reid and Obama 3.30.09

Reid’s in big trouble in Nevada, he’s got nothing to lose. To see the latest poll numbers on the Nevada Senate race go here. Reid is basically living out the end of his political career. So he’s turned to the old democratic standby. Try and make people believe something other than reality.

Along with Harry Reid’s Obamacare comments that were totally off the wall, he once again laid the economic collapse at the feet of George W. Bush. Pointing out that Bush “started a war” that cost us $1 trillion in borrowed money; I suppose we just had $787 billion sitting around for Obama’s failed stimulus? Or what about the untold amount for Harry Reid’s Obamacare? Those billions are just going to mysteriously pop up just in time for Harry Reid’s November comeback I suppose.

Reid went deep into the bag of tricks by trumpeting the old Clinton economy delusion. Everything was great until along came that evil George Bush, never mentioning the fact that Clinton had a Republican Congress. That’s old and tired Harry; a lot like the folks in Nevada think you are.

He used this as a pretext as to why he [Reid] needed help replacing those Republicans with good democrats like himself. Reid also bloviated about how “far to the right” Senate Republicans are. I guess he’s never met Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Lindsey Graham, or John McCain.

The man from Searchlight continues to assert that the public was and still is in favor of Obamacare, you know, the most important thing they’ve done for the country and the world. Harry Reid it seems has left the planet reality on course for the planet dream world. But then again, he still thinks he has a shot to win his Senate race.