So if your ratings are in the tank, what’s the one thing you probably shouldn’t do? It’s the one thing fill in anchor for David Shuster did. Donny Deutsch criticizes Olbermann and gets canned for it. In a week long segment titled “America the Angry”, Deutsch had the audacity to lump Keith Olbermann in with the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. How could he?

Despite the fact that Olbermann is indeed an angry person who stokes the flames of anger nightly, he’s still MSNBC’s number #1 draw. It’s probably not a good idea to get on Keith’s bad side as Donny Deutsch found out the hard way. MSNBC has been trying to find someone to fill the “versatile” David Shuster’s time slot for a couple weeks now.

Keith Olbermann told the New York Times that it wasn’t his anger that got Donny Deutsch canned but the anger of MSNBC President Phil Griffin. Griffin apparently phoned Olbermann and told him about the show, Olbermann didn’t disagree with his assessment. Donny Deutsch is now history.

The amazing thing about it all is Donny Deutsch criticizes Olbermann, gets canned and he doesn’t know why. He’s completely baffled. He said about the situation, “for whatever reason they decided they didn’t want to go with it the rest of the week.” For whatever reason? Really, Donny? You compared Keith Olbermann to Bill O’Reilly on MSNBC and you don’t know why you got sacked? Maybe Deutsch needs to be filling in for Larry King at CNN; that seems to be more his speed.