There’s a good chance the Royal Navy sailors being held hostage in Iran will get pink slips if they are ever released. According to this Guardian article:

Royal Navy commanders were in uproar yesterday after it was revealed that almost half of the Fleet’s 44 warships are to be mothballed as part of a Ministry of Defence cost-cutting measure.

While the United Kingdom has been our most reliable ally in the GWOT, the Brits are doing an about face and seem intent on comitting national suicide.

Senior officers have said the plans will turn Britain’s once-proud Navy into nothing more than a coastal defence force.

The Government has admitted that 13 unnamed warships are in a state of reduced readiness, putting them around 18 months away from active service. Today The Daily Telegraph can name a further six destroyers and frigates that are being proposed for cuts.

A need to cut the defence budget by £250 million this year to meet spending requirements has forced ministers to look at drastic measures.

MoD sources have admitted it is possible that the Royal Navy will discontinue one of its major commitments around the world at a time when Sir Jonathon Band, the First Sea Lord, has said more ships are needed to protect the high seas against terrorism and piracy.

News of further cuts to what was once the world’s most formidable fleet comes as critics say failings across the Services are becoming increasingly apparent.

We shall have to wait and see what Tony has in the works for the British Army and Air Force.