A man named Stanley Dwayne Sheffield was detained for freaking out on an airplane. This is a pretty bizarre story and the details are still coming out, but it looks like Sheffield basically flipped out while sitting in first class. He grabbed a water bottle and started spraying everyone in the first class cabin and then started yelling that he was going to blow up the airplane. He even attempted to open the cabin door in order to bring the plane down. Note to would-be terrorists, it’s impossible to open a cabin door while the plane is in the air due to presssurization.

The more bizarre aspect of this incidence is that Sheffield kept yelling “Get behind me Satan” and “You need to land this plan or I’m going to blow it up”, then my personal favorite, “I will blow up this plane and take you all to hell with me”.

He was finally subdued by about 8 other men, including former baseball manager Kevin Kennedy, who immediately helped bring the man under control by using seat belts and plastic handcuffs to restrain him. Apparently Sheffield is a strong dude though, he actually broke through a pair of handcuffs and a seatbelt before he was finally subdued for good.

When looking for silver-linings from 9/11 one is that I think anyone who is onboard a plane who is threatening passengers, whether terrorist or mental case, they can almost guarantee a beat down by the passengers. This isn’t the first story I’ve heard since 9/11 where the passengers immediately acted to subdue someone who was threatening the plane. Good on you passengers, you’re true American heroes.