The corruption trial of a certain former governor just got a little bit more interesting. Disgraced Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich’s trial, Obama subpoena, and Tony Rezko’s character; what more could you ask for? How about finally getting to the bottom of the slimy barrel that is Chicago politics?

Blagojevich’s defense team asked to issue a trial subpoena for President Obama. Not simply because he happens to be from Illinois, no, he actually may have firsthand knowledge of Blago’s failed attempt to sell Obama’s former Senate seat.

It seems that the defense team handling Rod Blagojevich’s trial filed a motion requesting notes taken when President Obama spoke with federal prosecutors after Blagojevich was indicted. Five months after the request, they still haven’t received the notes.

The defense attorneys say that President Obama has “direct knowledge” to the allegations against Rod Blagojevich. They also say that Obama’s statements made publically about the case “contradict” other witness accounts, specifically those of Obama bud Valerie Jarrett and a labor union official. What that means in simple terms is that somebody’s not telling the whole truth.

It’s been widely known and accepted that Obama had dealings with convicted land developer Tony Rezko. Rod Blagojevich had dealings with Rezko as well; Blago is in a heap of trouble in this corruption case, Obama is President of the United States and untouchable. I’ve often thought that Blagojevich would try and take people down with him if he goes down; and it looks like he might.

Six weeks from now will mark the beginning of the Rod Blagojevich trial. Obama’s subpoena may or may not be ignored. Let’s face it the President of the United States doesn’t have to testify in a court case for a whole host of reasons. But that’s not going to stop Rod Blagojevich from trying to put him on the spot. Makes you wonder if Blago is really trying to help himself with Obama’s wonderful testimony or if he’s just trying to make a fellow Chicago crony squirm.