Give it back? Nah. He’ll push for reform but keep the dirty money, Bloomberg reports.

Obama’s Goldman Sachs money, nearly $1 million in contributions (a number seven times the amount of Bush’s Enron donations), won’t be returning to it’s previous owner. Obama likes it.

Why not? According to him and the SEC, it was earned off the backs of the poor in America. But finders keepers.

Besides, he’s keeping all the other Wall Street money. Why return this?

For Obama, Wall Street provided three of his seven biggest sources of contributors for the 2008 presidential campaign. In 2007 and 2008, Goldman Sachs employees and family members gave him $994,795, Citigroup Inc. $701,290, and JPMorgan Chase & Co. $695,132.

And while he’s in the mood to keep the Goldman Sachs money, he’ll keep the Goldman Sachs men on his payroll, too. If Wall Street is so corrupt, why did he hire so many for his administration?

Here’s the roll call, via Michelle Malkin at National Review Online:

Obama’s Commodity Futures Trading Commission head: Gary Gensler, Goldman Sachs partner

Gensler is an apologetic soul who played a significant role in a 2000 law that “exempted the $58 trillion credit default swap market from oversight.” As Reuters put it, this was a major cause behind “amplifying global financial turmoil.”

Oh golly. He didn’t mean to do that.

Obama’s White House Chief of Staff: Rahm Emanuel, Goldman Sachs paid him a $3,000 monthly retainer (which eventually racked up $35,000), also $80,000 from Goldman Sachs in investments.

The monthly retainer was similar to a summer job, like mowing lawns. Most lawn boys make $3,000 monthly. Sure. Except Rahm held the job while working as Clinton’s chief fundraiser. As pure and innocent coincidences would have it, Goldman Sachs became Clinton’s top funder. Now that’s just kismet or something.

Then Rahm, a savvy investor, received $80,000 from Goldman Sachs from investments. And, in other coincidences, Rahm championed and pushed for the trillion-dollar TARP bank bailout, which gave Goldman Sachs $10 billion.

And everyone went home happy.

Obama’s Treasury Secretary’s top deputy: Mark Patterson, former Goldman Sachs lobbyist.

What does a top deputy for Timothy Geithner, that heartfelt taxpayer extraordinaire, do? He oversees the TARP money. First, he lobbied for money from the government for Goldman Sachs. Now he oversees the money from the government going to Goldman Sachs.

It’s so warm and moist in theses Wall Street and White House circles, poor Patterson probably has a devil of a time not walking around with sweaty armpits.

As Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a left-leaning group, said, “It makes it appear that they are saying one thing and doing another.”

Obama’s White House National Economic Council head: Larry Summers, who earned $2.8 million in speaking fees from Wall Street financial institutions like….oh….Goldman Sachs. And others.

And the list goes on and on. You can read about more of the President’s Goldman Sachs men in Malkin’s full article.

So many interesting bed fellows, it’s time to invest in a King size to fit all the bodies now that Goldman Sachs has hired Greg Craig, Obama’s first White House counsel, as their defense counsel.

So many mutual friends, Facebook would stagger to keep up.

As Ann Kane at the American Thinker points out, the entire SEC charges against Goldman Sachs smells funny, like warm soiled paper and cold political schemes. It’s timed perfectly, almost as if intelligently designed, to give Obama’s financial regulatory reform bill a bulls eye for the dart throwing.

An article from the Washington Examiner supports the premise that the president has always been in bed with Wall Street, even though he publicly chastises the ‘fat cats’ to win approval from the American people and to ram through his overreaching financial reform.

Meanwhile, as the White House administration works to prove their sincerity in reforming Wall Street, Obama’s Goldman Sachs nearly $1 million contribution, along with all the Goldman Sachs’ men, will stay neatly folded in the President’s back pocket.