The state of Arizona has been in the news a lot lately with controversial legislation. Some good, some bad; the new immigration law…good, the conceal carry law….good, Arizona’s birther bill….not so good. The House of Representatives voted 31-22 to advance the controversial Arizona birther bill.

The bill is designed for no other reason than to embarrass President Barack Obama. I disagree with Obama as much as anyone, but the birther bill as it’s being called, is nothing short of embarrassing to the state of Arizona.

Of course we all know about the birther movement in America; the group of people who don’t believe that Barack Obama is actually a citizen of the United States and is therefore holding office illegally. I think for the most part the birther movement has been put to bed, but remnants of it are still around as evidenced by the Arizona birther bill.

The bill simply requires that anyone wishing to have his/her name on the Arizona ballot must comply by producing hard evidence that he/she was born in the United States. The Constitution requires that the President of the United States be a US citizen; there has never been controversy associated with the citizenship of a President before now.

Most serious opponents of Obama and his policies have distanced themselves from the so called birther movement. There are many, many more pressing and legitimate issues to fight against the Administration, as opposed to some trumped up birther charge. The White House of course blasted the Arizona birther bill calling it a “waste of taxpayer dollars.” Something the White House knows a lot about….wasting taxpayer dollars.