LA doesn’t want you to be fat. But they don’t mind if you’re high. Koreatown’s Reefer-Resort could be a pot head’s dream. Or maybe that’s just the pot talking.

LA’s Hotel Normandie wants to be America’s first pot-friendly hotel. A pot-tel, they say. Now that’s cute.

“It’s suppose to start at 11 p.m., which like I said is a little late for most pot heads,” said John Evangelista, owner of Hotel Normandie.

Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise high.

On the infamous 4/20, the day for pot heads to gather together for a moment of reflection and smoking or just smoking, Evangelista threw a medical marijuana party to generate revenue for renovations to make Hotel Normandie into a “pot-friendly hotel”.

The LA CBS affiliate interviewed Lori Avalos, a certified medical marijuana card holder, who lights up to cope with her severe depression.

“If you take too many stimulants maybe like a Pepsi or something, it can really send you up and down. And what this basically does is it keeps you leveled out,” she said.

Or buzzed. Whatever gets you through the day.

Nadia Smalley, a write-in-candidate for governor, loved the idea of a pot-tel and knew friends that would be stopping by Hotel Normandie since it’s such a “nice social networking tool”. Like Facebook, but smokier.

Reason TV might be interested in getting in on the action. Nick Gillespie recently produced a video outlining the three reasons why marijuana should be legalized:

1. The tax revenue and law enforcement savings.

The government needs more money. They’ve done such a wonderful job of responsibly handling what they have, so far. Why not give them more.

2. It’s going to happen anyway, so why delay the inevitable?

Ed Morrissey at HotAir called this argument “weak”:

Inevitability in this case is rather weak; when it’s legalized, it will be legalized, but that doesn’t necessarily make it inevitable. If it happens, we can then set those effective and efficient controls.

3. Keep Your Laws Off Our Bodies.

Among conservatives, this is likely the only argument that will have merit. Government should not be dictating what we can eat (salt), drink (alcohol), or smoke (incense?). But that doesn’t mean being high – even while at Koreatown’s Reefer-Resort, LA’s first pot-friendly hotel for some social networking – gives you a defense, legally or otherwise, for your actions or inactions while under the influence, Gillespie points out.

We own our bodies and should be free to eat, drink, and smoke what we want. And to take responsibility for our actions, whether we’re straight or we’re stoned.

Man. That really killed my buzz.