Two Republican Senators from Arizona say that on the Mexican border National Guard Troops are needed to stem the tide of violence that has plagued border towns for the last several years. John Kyl and John McCain have proposed sending 3,000 US troops to their home state’s border with Mexico.

Violence from drug wars and rival cartels has increased dramatically over a number of years and doesn’t appear to be subsiding. Kyl and McCain back sending US Troops to the Mexican border, they also want 700 miles of fence built as well as an increase in Customs and Border Patrol agents.

Not only has the violence from drug wars spilled over the border, Arizona also faces challenges from everyday infiltration by illegal aliens just coming into the country. The violence in Mexico has resulted in warnings from the State Department and other agencies about travelling to once safe tourist destinations.

John McCain faces a challenging primary race from J.D. Hayworth this year and needs to appear strong on border issues. McCain, normally a supporter of more liberal immigration policies, may not be a sure thing for democrats this time around if they try to pass immigration reform.

Mexican border National Guard troops would more than likely do more to help curb the flow of illegal aliens coming into the country than any other policy that’s been tried over the last 25 years. The National Guard is supposed to be under the direct command of a state’s governor. In the last several years, National Guard troops have been utilized in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.