New Zealand Mayor Andrew Williams urinated on a tree then proceeded to compare himself to Jesus Christ and George Custer. I would assume his comparison with Jesus and Custer is in the trouble that both of those historic figures found themselves in as opposed to the act of whizzing on a tree.

An email written by the Mayor was forwarded by another North Shore city councilman’s account. In the email it was written by Mayor Andrew Williams, “Two blokes got crucified this week….and both will most certainly rise from the dead to come back and haunt a few people.” The email was sent on Easter Sunday.

The original story that had Mayor Andrew Williams feeling as if he were being crucified or surrounded at the Little Big Horn was an accusation that he was intoxicated and urinated on a tree after leaving a restaurant. Who hasn’t done that before?

Mayor Andrew Williams Jesus comparison and urinating habits isn’t the only thing landing him in hot water. Not long after peeing on the tree, Williams apologized for posting a doctored picture of the local Government Minister looking like Hitler standing in front of a swastika on his Facebook page.

There has been no comment about Mayor Andrew Williams Jesus comparison from the Mayor himself; but as far as the tree urinating incident, he wrote on his Facebook page, “I neither confirm nor deny urinating on that tree whilst intoxicated. However I apologize. Apologize that women cannot have the same opportunity.” Yep, that should clear things up.