Never mind for a second that Faye Turner and fourteen other British sailors and Royal Marines being held hostage in the Iran were 1.7 miles inside Iraqi waters, making their capture both an act of piracy and an act of war under well estabished international law. For the sake of what follows lets pretend they did stray into waters of the Islamic Republic and were lawfully taken prisoner.

Even if all that is so, releasing photographs and video of the captives are violations of the Geneva Conventions of War. As is forcing a female POW to wear a head scarf and appear on TV to “confess” her guilt.

OSAPian only points out the obvious because he can’t help but notice the same MSM outlets and American politician-appeasers who so loudly condemn harsh language and rock music as interrogation techniques at Gitmo are silent about these ongoing war crimes by practitioners of the Religion of Peace who call the shots in Persia.

And before you blame-Bush-first moonbats start convulsing, take a deep breath and remember the hostages were engaged in enforcement operations sanctioned by your beloved United Nations.

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