What’s the deal with Israel’s iPad ban? Yes that’s right. If you were lucky enough to purchase Apple’s latest technological wonder, and happened to be traveling to Israel, you’re prized treasure would be confiscated and you would be charged a storage fee; sounds like the Democratic Party is running Israel these days.

The official reason (as given by the government) that Israel has banned the device is that the iPad’s wireless technology interferes with other electronic devices. The Minister of Communications says that the iPad is configured to US standards and not those of Europe and Israel, thus causing a potential technological conundrum.

Others say that Israel’s iPad ban is confusing at best, an outright conspiracy at worst. The US configuration argument doesn’t hold water with some critics. Tourists have been bringing other devices into the country for years without incident.

The same type of thing happened when the iPhone was released. Israeli’s were forced to watch as the rest of the world enjoyed the new gadget while they sat back and pined for one. The iPhone was finally released in Israel a few months after its initial release.

Some experts think that the Israel iPad ban may have more to do with the government’s fear that US configured wireless devices may interfere with military communication. This would definitely fall under the conspiracy category. Interestingly enough, Nehemia Peres owns iDigital. The company with exclusive rights to sell Apple products in Israel; Peres is the son of President Shimon Peres.

correction: (this story previously reported that Shimon Peres was the former President)