News of a Sandra Bullock murder plot reached our editorial desk today. Not normally a topic for political blogs, this year there is unquestionably something in the air. Read the story and tell us what you think about the national mood during the Obama recession.

Sandra Bullock murder plot

We read and see everyday that people are angry. The electorate is turning against incumbents and the president himself. Neighbors are out of work and desperate. Tensions are high under Obama as risky economic policies lead to despair among the people.

There is a strong correlation between our economic health as a nation and crime rates. Crime is sharply higher during bad times, and lower during the good times. The current situation is no different than the norm.

Clearly not all of our economic woes are Obama’s fault but he has unquestionably made a bad situation worse. Since taking office the nation has lost 5 million jobs, racked up 10 trillion dollars in additional debt, and interest rates are spiking. In many ways our government’s policies are sacrificing our childrens’ futures for our own benefit, yet we are benefiting very little from the selfishness of our elected body politic.

In this climate there are no untouchables as the Sandra Bullock murder plot shows. America’s quintessential girl next door is reportedly the victim of a murder-for-hire plot that would have been inconceivable before this year.

And so we learn that the FBI investigated a curious case indeed. For the culturally obtuse, the background is that Sandra Bullock’s husband is rumored to have several affairs with gals from the other side of the tracks. One of them is a well-tattooed woman named Michelle McGee.

Her husband Shane Modica claims to be in touch with a “hit man” from Missouri who was hired to kill the famous actress. The FBI investigated, and although an angry local resident was identified they deemed him not a credible threat to our favorite actress.

You can read about this story here and here and here.

So a question posed to our readers for which we would like to read your response in the comments. Why is the country so angry? Why are we even talking about a Sandra Bullock murder plot in 2010?