So, apparently, Bill Clinton and Rush Limbaugh have decided to blame each other for the threats of political violence in modern American politics. In a pretty pathetic display, these two arch-enemies from 15 years ago, so hungry to return to the forefront of media attention, have once again decided to engage each other.

BJ (everything’s about ME) Clinton, made a speech where he claimed that the same forces of hate were trying to engage in political violence as during his presidency when the OKC bombings occurred. Rushbo (no, no, it’s all about ME) then promptly revived their battle by finding transcripts of his program from 1995, where he defended his (at the time) huge popularity from this frontal assault.

You’d think that these two would have made so much money they could just spend their declining years amusing themselves without trying to retain any cultural relevancy. When was the last time any Democrat cited Clinton for anything other than a budget deficit discussion? When was the last time a Republican cowered at being the object of Limbaugh’s anger? These two are nothing more than dinosaurs waiting for the asteroid to hit, signaling the demise we are all awaiting. But if they want to be two mastodons engaging one another one last time, they should have the common courtesy to do it in a private, soundproof room, where the clamor they produce does not bother those of us who actually care about public policy.