Joining Alaska and surprisingly Vermont, Arizona’s concealed weapons bill allows a person to carry concealed weapons without a permit. Republican Governor Jan Brewer signed into law a bill that will allow Arizona’s citizens to exercise their second amendment rights without having to obtain a permit.


Similar bills were vetoed by Janet Napolitano (Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary) in recent years. Gun opponents say this new law which will take effect in about three months, will lead to more accidental shootings as those without proper training take to the streets with loaded concealed weapons.

Governor Brewer said of Arizona’s concealed weapons bill that it not only protected second amendment rights of Arizona citizens, but that it restored those rights as well. When the law goes into effect, those 21 and older may carry a concealed weapon without undergoing a background check or training classes.

Certain police unions support the bill saying that it will help curb crime in Arizona. Most gun advocates agree that crime rates decline in areas where the citizens are allowed to liberally carry firearms. They often site cities like New York, Chicago and Washington D.C. as areas with onerous gun laws and high crime rates.

Those opposing the Arizona concealed weapons bill say that concealed weapons will make it harder for police to know who is a good law abiding citizen and who has bad intentions. Whether carrying a gun or not, authorities are usually able to determine good citizens from bad by their actions. Simply carrying a firearm is not a crime, but it should be according to those opposed to the bill.