Oh Danny. If he’s not cavorting with Hugo Chavez or boycotting Hugo Boss the actor is donning SEIU purple and gold for the cause; any cause it seems. While protesting Sodexo, a food service company, police arrested Danny Glover along with a few others. They were issued citations and released.

After crossing police tape and asked by authorities to step back, Danny Glover and other SEIU faithful were cuffed and cheered by those protesting the food service company. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) was protesting what it claims is unfair and illegal treatment of workers.

SEIU has been in the news consistently since the election of Barack Obama. Andy Stern, the head of the union up until a few days ago, was one of the President’s most frequent visitors to the White House. SEIU and Andy Stern also had a major role in writing and passing the recent Obamacare bill.

Glover and the others arrested could face up to 90 days in jail or a $1000 dollar fine for trespassing.

Danny Glover has made news over the last few years with some of his outrageous comments about America, President Bush, and of course his affinity for Hugo Chavez. Danny Glover arrested at an SEIU rally once again confirms the actor’s penchant for far left-wing causes and activities.