The electorate is getting desperate in the Obama recession as news of a dead man elected mayor hits our editorial desk. Meet Carl Robin Geary Sr. of Tracy, Tennessee who won the mayor’s race after passing into the afterlife on March 10th, 2010.

dead man elected mayor

The very dead Geary was elected by a whopping 268-85 vote margin in the small rural town, defeating a progressive incumbent mayor named Barbara Brock who became more and more unpopular as her term progressed.

She was a typical big spending politician in the mold of Obama himself who saw her role as mayor as an opportunity to spend freely in the small town. Her idea of “beautifying” Tracy Tennessee with bloated local government spending programs prompted a visceral reaction among the town’s people.

Like many small towns around America, the residents are seeing their jobs and prospects disappear under onerous federal government programs that tax the life out of the community they knew. The last straw for them was seeing their own locally elected leader following a reckless spending scheme.

Enough is enough, they said, and installed a dead guy as their new mayor. Apparently Carl Robin Geary could do no more harm as an elected official so they took their chances with the corpse. He won with 75% of the vote.

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Curious as to reader thoughts about Carl Robin Geary, the dead man elected mayor of Tracy Tennessee in the Age of Obama. What does this story say about the political climate heading into the mid-term elections?