Giant fireball in sky last night sparks fear of UFOs!

Here is the startling photos and video of a giant fireball of light that flashed for several minutes over the mid-western skies last night. The amazing sighting flooded 911 lines with panicked calls from mortal humans contemplating their place in the universe. Mere meteor or UFO aliens from outer space? You be the judge.

midwest meteor

Thousands of terrified people witnessed the event over several states: Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa, Ohio, Illinois and Indiana. The UFO was seen at 10pm central time (22:00 universal time) on April 14th, 2010.

What is shown in the video is the sky being lit up a large ball of light which slowly moves into view across the sky until a sudden explosion occurs. After the huge explosion a smaller ball of light continues over the horizon.

On the ground rumblings were heard much like an earthquake which culminated in a deafening sonic boom, while pictures shook on the walls, dogs barked and children clung to their mothers trembling in fear.

This video is a compilation of still photos taken from a policeman’s dashboard webcam. In reality the ball of light and explosion were seen for a span of 15 minutes.

It is news to most of us that meteors can burn for 15 minutes but that is apparently what happened in this case. Maybe everything takes longer in the Midwest.

Reader thoughts? Could this be an alien spaceship that exploded in plain view? That would surely be a good story but alas, I think not. The giant fireball in the sky last night was merely an unusual astronomical event, most likely part of the Gamma Virginids meteor shower which began in April.

See the meteor video just below the sequential photos which you can blow up with a mouse click.

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(Meteor Pictures)

(Midwestern Meteor Video)