***WARNING*** The following story has nothing to do with social justice and may be harmful to your pets:

President Obama today spoke on the ‘ash crisis’ stemming from a volcano eruption in Iceland. As clouds of ash blanket much of western Europe, dozens of airports have been forced to close. Speaking on this disaster, Obama said, “The volcano…, began rumbling…, during the last…, administration. And now…, I…, have to…, clean up…, the mess.” A spokesperson for the Albert Gore Institute for Ethical Climate Research agrees, although reluctantly admits that the volcano has put as much pollutants into the atmosphere as all internal combustion engines on Earth has for the past 130 years. White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, told the press corps that President Obama will be holding a summit to discuss options at the Rita Mae Roberts Child Care Center tomorrow in Vermont. Gibbs said, “The President is leaving everything on the table. We are prepared to throw Tom Hanks into the volcano if it will appease the gods!”

***Happy Tax Day!*** Needless to say, this is a joke!