Today, it was reported in the NYT (their preferred leaking source) that Israel is claiming that Syria is supplying Hezbollah with SCUD missiles to use against it. Israeli sources claim that these missiles threaten their cities, and increase the risk of war. American and French officials said that while they understood what Israel was saying, they were unable to verify its claims.

Israel said that delivery of these weapons threatens the stability of the region, which may induce it to invade Lebanon once again. In 2006, Israel marched into southern Lebanon, in an effort to thwart Syrian involvement in that nation’s political system. According to the article, some Republican senators indicate that they may delay confirmation of our Ambassador to Syria nominee, Robert Ford, if Israeli claims are verified.

A hopeful sign, for me at least, is that this may indicate that the two or three year effort to get us to fight Iran may be abating by interest groups. If eventually we are to be urged to get entangled in Syria, it makes it less likely that we can also fight against Iran, which would be a much more problematic situation for our armed forces and for world stability.