Happy Tax Day! Yes, April 15th has arrived. As Tea Party protesters hold rallies in hundreds of cities across America, President Obama will be in Florida holding yet another summit. I’m beginning to think that every time he goes to the toilet he’s having a summit. After solving the world’s nuclear weapons problems and the American economy, Barack Hussein Obama is ready to blast off and solve the problems of outer space. He may want to rethink that, unless he’s looking for a way out of trouble, because America’s economic crisis is far from over!

Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, has been busy the past week talking out of both sides of his mouth. On one side, he says things are getting better. Then on the next breath, he starts talking about our National Debt and how it’s projected to get much worse. This is sort of like Charlie Sheen checking himself into rehab and then taking a night off to nail a hooker. Or Larry King having an affair with his wife’s younger sister. Or Jesse James and Tiger Woods double dating with the wait staff of the Las Vegas Hooters. Take your pick, it’s all about the same.

Ayn Rand once said that economics is the most important form of human interaction after romantic love and parenthood. So Bernanke and Obama, as well as pretty much every other president and Beltway moron we’ve had in power for the last 90 years or so, are behaving just exactly the same way as the afore mentioned celebrities. Let’s compare economics to romantic love.

Suppose your husband/boyfriend gives you a nice big box of Ethel M’s chocolates. MMMM! Yes, those delicious confections full of quality booze! You open the box and what do you find? Not sweet blobs of rich chocolate but mere pictures of chocolates. As most women already know, all men are liars! Here you get all worked up over the anticipation of slipping a creamy confection into your mouth only to see that it’s just a piece of crummy paper!

The financial reform bills being considered by Congress, and promoted by Obama who wants them acted on swiftly, just like health care and stimulus, etc., is just another lie. I was watching the movie “Sneakers” the other day on one of the cable channels. There’s that scene Ben Kingsley and Robert Redford are sitting on Ben’s Cray mainframe computer talking about how perception is reality. It’s only true if you are a zombie-sheep.

Financial reform can only really happen when the money itself is reformed. After all, that’s what this is all about, the flow of money. When the money itself is bogus, like those pictures of chocolates, you’ve been cheated and lied to. You might ask why Bernanke is starting to talk about the National Debt becoming a problem? Last month, the ‘Godfather’ of central banks, the Bank of International Settlements, issued a working paper, No. 300, that paints a very bleak picture of the sovereign dent issues for the larger economies.

Unlike the usual nonsense published by Congress, the BIS report is only a mere 26 pages and is actually easily read and understood. In short, America is drowning in debt and predicts the National Debt to be about four times the size of Gross Domestic Product by 2040. What that means is that every tax dollar raised as revenue will be needed to pay JUST the interest rate on the Debt. Actually, that would come much sooner, as America’s bond rating gets clipped, probably sometime in the next couple of years, if not sooner.

Between now and then, at some point, the government will have no choice but to both raise taxes across the board (since the top 10% are already paying 73% of the tab) and make the sort of draconian cuts in spending that is causing rioting in the streets of Greece as we’ve seen the past couple months. With Greece, they may get bailed out by other countries. Who’s going to bail us out? Working Paper 300 also shows where the rest of the nations will be, pretty much in the same boat as us.

Perception is NOT reality! Our money is already worthless. Our National Debt is already too big. The only thing keeping the farce going are guys like Bernanke, Obama, Jim Cramer, and others busy talking up the economy, and the happy zombie-sheep believing them. The problem seems to be of late that there are fewer zombie-sheep buying their lies. Some recent polls show that more and more Americans are distrusting our leaders. The Media would like you to believe that the Tea Party members are all toothless hicks who never got past the 6th Grade. In fact, most are educated above the levels of the national average. The Media would like you to believe that the Tea Party members are few in numbers. A third of the country now support the Tea Party.

George W. Bush was bad enough when he was spending $6 of every $5 in tax revenue taken in. Barack Obama is spending $5 for every $3 of tax revenue. This insanity cannot last much longer! Financial Reform of any means is pointless until we reform our money first. When our currency is backed by commodities, like gold, silver, oil, wheat, corn and rice, and can no longer just be created out of thin air, or a bunch of 1s and 0s on some computer, the whole game changes.

That will automatically limit just how much a bank can leverage itself. That will force the speculators to behave themselves. The buying of politicians becomes very expensive. Honest money equals honest government and honest economics. Actions will then have consequences and risky behavior will be curbed. The Era of Liars and Cheats will end, at least to the point of transparency. Sure, you’ll still have people trying to cheat, but catching them will be very easy.

So, on this Tax Day, 2010, I say “Yea” to the Tea Party and “Boo” to Obama and Bernanke. They know the game is up, which is why they are trying to move as fast as they can to create the perception of things getting better. But, just like Charlie Sheen, Jesse James, Tiger Woods and Larry King, they’re going to get caught in their lies and cheating. They’re arrogance and stupidity will not be enough when we open the box and find just mere images of chocolates.